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Our Privacy Policy has been updated to comply with GDPR. Please read the following carefully to understand how we use your data. You can read the summary below or read the full policy here: YWAM Scotland Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

To summarise our policy: we only collect and store the information you give to us, use it as you would expect, and work hard to protect it.

When you (for example) submit a form, apply on this site, make a donation, sign up for our news, or send us an application, we securely hold all answers in accordance with GDPR. Also, Youth With A Mission Scotland does not sell, exchange, or release your personal information (name, e-mail address, mailing address, credit card data, etc.) without your consent to any third parties.

Currently, we use limited cookies to help you navigate the site and to see how many people dropped by and what parts of our site are of interest to them. If we change the way we use cookies or analytics, we’ll update our policy and let you know.

If you provide information via a third-party site, we rely on your permission to them to pass on the information to us. And then we treat it in the same way – use it the ways you would expect and store it securely.

Sometimes there are laws and regulations that require us to keep your information after you’re no longer involved with YWAM Scotland. In that case, we’re holding the information but not actively using it. We follow a retention schedule so we can securely delete your information once it’s no longer needed to deliver a service to you or meet a regulation.

You may write us at anytime to update the data we hold on you or to remove yourself from any mailing lists or to exercise your newly outlined rights under GDPR. Youth With A Mission Scotland Limited is not responsible for the personal data held by third party services you may use and we encourage you to understand their privacy policies.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy please direct them to the following email addresses:

Questions about our policy or to update your data:
To request access to your data:
To opt-out of a mailing list:

Terms & Conditions

By submitting an application form to YWAM Scotland, you certify that all information in this application is complete and accurate. If accepted by Youth With A Mission, you will abide by the spirit, rules and schedule of the programme. You confirm that you understand that payment of the required fees must be made upon or before arrival. You also confirm that you are fully aware of your financial obligations, both to the Lord and to the YWAM location. You therefore commit yourself to paying all personal expenses incurred during your involvement with Youth With A Mission.


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