Data Protection

Welcome to the YWAM Scotland Data Protection training module. This is required for all volunteer staff serving with YWAM Scotland and must be refreshed every 2 years. Policy and procedure updates may be more frequent.

To complete the training, you will need to follow the steps below. Please follow the order of the steps but you may complete it at your own pace and even over a few days – just remember there’s a quiz at the end!

You may need access to a printer to print out the policy, and a pen to take notes.


the steps are on the right

Step 1
Watch the YWAM Scotland Training Video

Step 2
Watch the ICO video – The Lights Are On

Step 3
Read the Data Protection Policy
Read the Mobile Device Policy

Step 4
Take the quiz

Thank you for playing an important role in keeping our data safe!

Step 1

Watch the YWAM Scotland Training Video:

15 minutes

Step 2

Watch the ICO video – The Lights Are On

This training video helps answer questions about the Data Protection Act, its impact on the working environment and how to handle and protect people’s information. It was produced by Central Office of Information.

23 minutes

Step 3

Download/open and read the Data Protection Policy and the Mobile Device Policy.


The Mobile Device Policy applies if you use your personal mobile device for YWAM work such as reading YWAM Scotland emails or for administrative work.

6 pages

Step 4

[slickquiz id=1]

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