I think I need to go talk with ‘Reverend Rose’ once I get home!

YWAM Scotland alumni Rachel Cuddy shared this fun testimony with us from the SHINE outreach to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival:

‘As a group of us prepared to go do outreach, I felt God tell me that He wanted me to go on a ‘solo adventure with Him’. So I shared this with the group and we agreed I’d go off and follow God’s leading and join them later.

I had a sense of excitement and adventure as I headed out and simply prayed “Holy Spirit lead me”. I wanted to just go where I felt God lead, no hesitation or second-guessing. And wow, did God amaze me! I could write a lot about that afternoon and all the people I got to share the gospel/pray with.

But my favourite part of that afternoon was when God pointed out to me a young lady in a wheelchair waiting in the queue to buy festival tickets. All I knew was that I had to talk to her. So I joined the queue behind her and simply asked God to open conversation. She smiled at me and we began to chat but I was aware that I had no reason to be in the queue as I had no money with me, let alone have a show I wanted to see… Yet within the next two minutes I had befriended “Lucy” and by the time we reached the front of the queue we had decided to see a show together. I even got a free ticket as a disabled person’s assistant!

We chatted excitedly about the festival, shows she had seen and the hilarity of meeting strangers in queues! It turned out her boyfriend had left her after a bit of an argument, so she was happy to have a friend and someone to help her get around. She was such an inspiring woman. She is a human rights worker and had travelled the world advocating for disabled persons’ rights. We had common passions and talked easily about travels experiences etc. Conversation turned naturally to God and I shared my faith with her. She was interested and asked questions. She mentioned a “Reverent Rose” who she would go to for advice and comfort. At the end of our time together I prayed with her and God gave me some words for her. Her eyes lit up and she shared how earlier in the afternoon she had been wondering if meeting me was a sign from God! I then shared about my mission for the day and how God had pointed her out to me. She was amazed and after a moment of silence, said “I think I need to go talk with ‘Reverend Rose’ once I get home!”.

I knew God had begun a work in her! It is amazing at what God can do when we are simply open and willing to step out!’