There was such a freedom to be yourself

Emelie has recently finished the School of the Word and Spirit at YWAM Seamill:

‘In the SWS we would read the Bible and that might lead into worship or a time of some kind of response etc. It was always different and led by the Holy Spirit. There was such a freedom to be yourself. I would definitely recommend doing the SWS to others, especially to people that want to grow in their understanding of the Holy Spirit and that want the Bible to come alive.’

Check out the YWAM Seamill website for more details:

I surprised the heck out of myself

Becca has just completed her DTS at YWAM-Paisley:

These past 6 months have been intense; some good, some bad and some insane. I’ve hiked more than I ever thought I could; ate food I didn’t even know existed; met people from countries I’d never heard of, flew more miles in 2 months than the entirety of the rest of my life, created some life-long friendships, taught kids English and surprised the heck out of myself. I’ve walked through Cambodian jungles and cooked Turkish food. I’ve explored London, Istanbul and Ephesus. I’ve learned from some amazing people for 4 months of lectures.

Most importantly I was stretched. I grew up, I cried, I laughed, I shared, I got angry, I freaked out, and I completed a DTS. I did something I didn’t think I could do.

I left home for 6 months, to live with people I’d never met; I embraced a few new cultures and relied on The Lord. I let Him take me on an adventure I wasn’t expecting; an adventure I never could have imagined. I’m so thankful and blessed.

I’m going home a different person and I’m slightly terrified and a whole lot excited to see what’s next. God is faithful and good.

The next DTS at Stanely House starts on June 6th. Check out their website for more details:

I felt such peace

Wayne is staff at Ywam Seamill, he is currently preparing for the DTS starting in February. Read on for a short testimony:

‘I got on the train at Glasgow to go back to Seamill. This girl called Bernadette sat down next to me and we got chatting. She had just broken up with her partner and lost her job, so I asked if I could pray for her. She reached out for my hand and started crying as I prayed. After I finished praying she said ‘Wow, I don’t know what that was, I’ve never felt that before, but I felt such peace!’

At Paisley, a friend got on the train and we continued the conversation and got to encourage her and pray for her more.’

He said he was intrigued by the genuine joy

Thomas is doing his DTS at YWAM Seamill and shares this short testimony:

‘We were on the bus back from our midterm outreach and I sat next to this guy. We got talking and I shared some about what I’m doing with YWAM. Somebody else on our team shared the Gospel with him using the Gospel bracelet (a cool tool to share the Gospel easily with people). He had lots of questions and we ended up having a two hour conversation about God. Through all this he decided to start studying the Bible for himself. He said he was intrigued by the genuine joy he saw in us Christians.

We shared contact details and have been in touch since.

He said he got chills

Here’s a short testimony from Maddie who is currently doing her DTS at Ywam Seamill:

‘We were in Bristol, working with the YWAM Bristol team for our midterm outreach.

One day a group of maybe 15 of us were doing worship on the streets. A man called Luke, stopped to listen so a friend and I went up to him to ask him what he thought of the music. He said he was enjoying the music so we asked if he recognised any of the songs, to which he said no. So we told him it was worship songs. He told us he used to go to church but didn’t have any faith in God any longer. So we used the Gospel bracelet (a cool tool to share the Gospel easily with people) and shared the Gospel with him and got to pray for him. He said he got chills and so we talked some more and got to share some more about God. We prayed with him again and his whole face lit up. At the end he said he wasn’t ready to make a decision to follow Jesus, but he was so thankful that we took the time to share with him and pray for him.’