Coronavirus Update September 2021

Dear Friends and Visitors to our corner of the web,

Our residential centres are up and running!

It’s been quite the journey as we’ve navigated the last year and a half! Together with the rest of the world, YWAM Scotland has experienced the ups and downs of living through a pandemic. We’ve experienced loss and heartache, learned to explore the world of online learning and teaching, and had a chance for reflection and re-aligning. Through it all, we were so aware of God’s goodness to us, and of his incredible love for our beloved Scotland and for the world beyond. 

As YWAM Scotland, we’ve been involved in a variety of responses to the events of the world. In some areas, we were able to be part of community response strategies that continue to build and grow today. We continued to support our local churches in a variety of ways, including online support and prayer ministries. We also moved some of our teaching online, connecting even more broadly with international students. Although we longed to see each other in person, we were grateful for technology that allowed us even more regular connection online, and several prayer initiatives were birthed that included groups that might not have been possible otherwise. We had some hard goodbyes, and also were surprised by some of the gifts this season brought us. 

Now, as lockdowns and restrictions continue to lift, we are so grateful to be holding more and more schools and trainings in person again. We are looking forward to meeting together as a big YWAM Scotland family soon, as well. Through this, we continue to hold space for the new ways of doing things that God has expanded our capacity for during a tough season. We will continue to keep within government guidance, and are so happy to be able to welcome people from international locations to join us as staff or trainees. 

We’ll continue to work hard to keep our trainees and visitors safe.

If you have current or immediate plans to visit our bases or join in a training course or meeting, please contact the bases directly with any questions or to get the latest updates on training and hospitality.

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For general enquiries or to reach the other teams please email:

Thank you so much to those who have been part of praying for us as a mission during this time. We pray that you are also finding restoration and healing as we walk into a new season, and that you find yourself aware of God’s incredible love for you.

In Christ,

The YWAM Scotland Leadership Team