But when we left they were full of joy and life!

Our friend ‘Lydia’ did her School of Frontier Missions at Seamill a number of years ago and has been working in India since. There, she has adopted 26 children. In 2012 most of these children were victims of sexual and verbal abuse and as we heard about this, God put it on our heart to go out and support ‘Lydia’ and the children in their process of trying to work through the pain and trauma of this. Inger and I went for two weeks and, before going, we asked God for His strategy for how best to be of use.

We started every day with a devotion on hearing from God and it was mind-blowing to see how God spoke to the children. One day we asked them to write down the lies they believed about themselves, and then we burned them. Then we asked God to speak about what he thinks about them and they were given opportunity to speak it out to the rest of the group. They would say things like: ‘God says I am a handsome boy’, ‘I’m a good worker and a good student’, ‘God loves me’. At the end we prophesied over them all. God spoke such words of destiny and it was incredible to see the kids’ eyes as they took hold of these words instead of the lies.

One of the little boys came up to me one day. We had prophesied over him that he would be a peacemaker and he told me ‘yesterday a few of the children were fighting and I went up to them and made peace’. It was so cool to see how they were taking hold of what God had spoken over them and starting to walk it out already!

When we first got there, the group was sad and quiet. But when we left the group was different, they were full of joy and life! One of them said: ‘Before you guys came, I had nightmares and flashbacks but, since you prayed with me, I don’t have that any longer!’” #Godisgood #YWAM #outreach

Rebekka, from Germany, works at YWAM Seamill where she does Healing on the Street in Saltcoats and is working on developing leadership training.