I surprised the heck out of myself

Becca has just completed her DTS at YWAM-Paisley:

These past 6 months have been intense; some good, some bad and some insane. I’ve hiked more than I ever thought I could; ate food I didn’t even know existed; met people from countries I’d never heard of, flew more miles in 2 months than the entirety of the rest of my life, created some life-long friendships, taught kids English and surprised the heck out of myself. I’ve walked through Cambodian jungles and cooked Turkish food. I’ve explored London, Istanbul and Ephesus. I’ve learned from some amazing people for 4 months of lectures.

Most importantly I was stretched. I grew up, I cried, I laughed, I shared, I got angry, I freaked out, and I completed a DTS. I did something I didn’t think I could do.

I left home for 6 months, to live with people I’d never met; I embraced a few new cultures and relied on The Lord. I let Him take me on an adventure I wasn’t expecting; an adventure I never could have imagined. I’m so thankful and blessed.

I’m going home a different person and I’m slightly terrified and a whole lot excited to see what’s next. God is faithful and good.

The next DTS at Stanely House starts on June 6th. Check out their website for more details: https://stanel3.wix.com/stanelyhouse