Mission Explore Weekend (part 2)

Last weekend we had a Mission Explore weekend in Edinburgh. It was a great time with a bunch of youth from Scotland, Wales and Scandinavia. One evening we did some exercises in hearing from God. The youth both got to hear from God for themselves, and for each other.

ME all

As we asked God for words for each other, one of the guys felt God say that he sees his friend as a warrior. Another heard God say ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ over her friend, and that God meant that he has so much he wants to say to her but there aren’t enough words to explain to her how much he loves her.

Everybody was encouraged both by what God had said, but also that it was so easy to hear from God.

The next morning we split into small groups to do treasure hunting. We started by sitting down and asking God who he wanted us to meet when we went out, what they would look like, where we would find them, and even what their names would be. Then we went out in our groups to try and find them.

When the groups came back and we asked ‘did you find your treasures?’ it was great to hear how group after group had found the person God had spoken to them about.

One group was looking for a man who would be sitting on the street. They had a clear description of what he would look like and what his name was. They went out and found him and decided to buy him a meal from McDonald’s. As they gave him his meal and talked to him, they found out that they had all the details right and it also happened to be his birthday. They got to pray for him and he was very thankful.

Another group was looking for a man in a bright yellow jacket with hip problems. They found him explained what they were doing, and asked if by any chance he had a problem with his hip? Yes, he did. So they were able to pray for him and he and his wife were very thankful.

It was wonderful to see the young people stepping out in faith as they listened to God and then blessed people on the streets of Edinburgh!