We prayed that God would provide and not even 5 minutes later…

Christian, from YWAM-Paisley reports:

‘In the last two days my team and I went out to share God’s kingdom with Athens. We saw some crazy things happen because of Gods love! We saw one boy’s wrist healed and a brake dancers shoulder become healed.

Then we met a man with a broken leg and we ask if we could pray for him and he said ‘no’… And we said ‘Ok’. We walked away for an hour or so and then he saw us again and called us over to pray for him, so we did and God took away all the pain in his leg! He was so blessed he wanted to meet up with us again. So we met up again and he said that he still needs surgery but he had no money for it. So we prayed for him that God would provide and not even 5 minutes after we prayed, a man called him who he has not talked to in years and ask ‘how’s your health?’ And he ‘said I have a broken leg’ and the man hung up the phone and called him back and said! ‘I am sending someone tomorrow to give you money to see the doctor!’

Lol I am blown away by God loving this man!!’