Friends of God – not slaves or servants

We got the chance to sit down with Rachel Adamski, the leader of the February DTS starting at Seamill in three weeks.

Tell us some about the DTS.

We have trainees from five different nationalities, and God has been speaking to our staff team about how we’re called to be friends of God – not slaves or servants! I look forward to seeing our group grow as we learn to live out of that truth.

Our midterm outreach will go to two different location and work alongside other ministries in the UK. For our long-term outreach we will go abroad for eight weeks. We’re still determining the locations but it will be to somewhere where the language isn’t too big a barrier as the heart of the school really is to share God with people.

What do you most look forward to with the DTS?

I look forward to getting out into the community and starting a new ministry in the local area together with the DTS. We will pray about it as a team, do some research about the felt needs in the area and go from there. Most of the staff on our DTS are part of our Overflow Evangelism team here at Seamill, and we regularly see people encounter God on the streets, on trains, in pubs, and so on, all the time. So we’re excited to see how God will work through us and the trainees during the DTS.

Are there still spaces?

If you don’t require a visa for Scotland, then YES! There is still space and we would love to hear from you!

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